wedding bells

Went to attend a wedding with beebops on saturday at one degree 15 in sentosa.


The wedding, according to the groom was a “simple wedding”.

No round tables sitting with people that you do not know. no fixed place to be at.
It’s a very nice, personal and intimate wedding where people are mingling around with wine glasses in their hands. laughters and chatters filled the room.


The couple must have wanted more warmth and closer feeling hence opting for such an informal setting. Where everyone was relax and enjoying themselves. nothing like the conventional wedding where people are more or less “stuck” with the people they were assigned to sit with.


I was sitting on the sofa alone. But not lonely. While beebops was catching up with his friends, I was immersed in all the buzz around me. Enjoying my plate of smoked salmon, sauteed duck salad and salmon with leeks… I felt happy for the married couple, for the people who were enjoying the company of friends and family.

after dinner we went to explore the area since there isnt much opportunity for us to get into the heavily guarded area.



The norm for names of vessels are usually with relations to the greek/carribean/mediterranean names like capricon, aquarius, capri.

But we saw “something special” that day!

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