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[Outfit] Mint pants in not so Mint condition

This Spring is so “Cool” & “Refreshing” with the Minty trend!

Personally I don’t quite think that the mint colour complements my skin tone as it makes me look a little darker and dirtier looking.

Despite this, I am still unable to resist this fresh vibrant colour and have a few pieces of clothing in Mint.

I had this pair of Mint colour capri from Mango from seasons back, or should I say eons back.. If my memory doesn’t fail me this Mint capri is at least 7 years old. *gasp*

Many times I have contemplated donating it away in the past 7 years,ย  as I always have problems trying to pair it with any thing except white which was very boring I must say. This problem led to the reason why I wore it for less than 10 times in the past 7 years.

I am so THANKFUL I didn’t give up on it!

With the Mint trend breezing into Spring, inspirations are just everywhere on the internet.

And this picture was what I was inspired by…

credits: unknown.

I forgot where I got this picture from and hence I am unable to provide the link or credits to this person.

If this picture is yours, please let me know so that I can update the credits.



Top: Taiwan, Mint Capri: Mango, Slip-on Wedge: Charles & Keith


Ring: Thailand, Watch: Casio

If I had taken a picture 7 year ago with this capri maybe it would look like this. ๐Ÿ˜›


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Have a good day!


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Hand Bouquet D.I.Y

We had great weather for the photoshoot! Beautiful blue skies, wispy white clouds and cooling breeze.

Would have been better if that bus driver had not been so careless to drive into my dad’s car. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ At least no one was hurt.

Anyway back to the my hand bouquets, my photoshoot was on a Monday so I had time to do the buying of flowers and making of the bouquet over the weekend.

I did some research of the various kind of bouquets I wanted and sorted them into different colours and options as I wanted to give myself more choices in the event that the nursery didn’t have in season some colours or flowers. I had initially wanted to buy some huge peonies for the shoot but those available weren’t really big enough and there were only 2 colours.

Also I found it extremely helpful to get some research done before heading to the nursery first as it keeps me from going hysterical over the loads of beatiful fresh flowers in the cold room. ;p

See what I mean… Ain’t these peonies lovely?


I had the intention of buying some red flowers and some light pink or cream coloured flowers.

But I digressed as I couldn’t resist the happy colour of the yellow Ranunculus and I ended up getting them with the red roses and red carnations.


I wanted a red bouquet as a strong contrast against the white gown and for it to match my red heels for the night shot.

As for the yellow bouquet, it was for the shots in the open fields and beach/sea shots.

The red bouquet was to look more formal and proper whereas the yellow one was a more casual & random, fresh from the garden kind of look.

Here’s the tools and accessories I used for putting together the bouquet.

I found the hand shearer extremely important tool to have as there was a lot of stem cutting to do and the regular scissors would not do the job.

The floral tape is also a handy item to have as it holds the flowers together without damaging the soft stems of some flowers. It has just the right amount of tackiness to hold the bouquet together.

The whole bunch of rose I bought has a total of 20 roses, with leaves and thorns all attached so I had to spend some time removing the leaves and thorns.


Placing them in a pail of water while picking up alternate stalks of flowers one by one and placing them in bunch.


Many minutes later and with the ribbons tied, I have the below bouquet.


Some how the ribbon felt a little plain, boring and kinda limp.

And when I showed the picture to CoolJ, she suggested another design of for the bow and below is the final product!


As for the yellow ranunculus bouquet, it was much simpler. I just needed to arrange them in a bunch.

I didn’t buy any additional filler leaves or berries but made use of the buds and leaves that came with the bunch of ranunculus.


After wrapping the stems with the ribbon, secure the ribbon with pearl headed bobby pins to prevent the ribbon from slipping off the bouquet.


I really love these two bouquets and hope it looks good in the photos too!

Thank you for dropping by and I leave you with pictures of one ranunculus bud that broke off from the stem.


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Seeing Red

I have been very blurry eyed recently from scouring the world wide web of images of hand bouquets in red, looking for inspirations to put together the hand bouquet myself for my photoshoot next week.

Don’t they all look so lovely and puts a smile on your face?


I think I am beginning to worry a little whether I would be capable of putting together such a bouquet for my photo shoot.

Anyway can’t wait for the weekend & can’t wait to see what flowers are available over the weekend!

Me thinks YouTube could be my best friend for the weekend….



NDP preview photos

So grateful to my brother who managed to get me tickets for NDP preview.

Been three years since me and beebops went to the parade. And it’s my first time going to the Marina Floating platform. So i was hyped up and i went to paint my nails!

We decided to take a train to City Hall instead of drive cos we reckon that traffic would be such a pain in the ass as a normal day it is already so bad more over when it’s the parade weekend.

Our NDP get up!

Security is really tight where they will scan bags in the xray machine which are used at the airports…. but luckily they did not confiscate my water bottle….

clear roads means bad traffic in surrounding areas…

throngs of people everywhere….

weather was extremely hot and humid with the sun shining mercilessly…

Straight ahead into the blue sector.

picture frenzy while waiting for the parade to start!

Blinking lights design on the cap

Race boats making the design of 08 on the water.

Due to time constraints and a very slow and lousy computer, that was the photos that i could edit over the weekend.

Didn’t really manage to do much nor rest as much as thought i could cos in the end i was out with beebops and mother bops to see the interior designer for his renovation of his home and room. I love designing rooms and looking around for furnishing! but that is if i dont have to fork out a single cent and just offer advices.

the interior designer suggested unnecessary furnishing like a very elaborate study table with bi-fold doors so that i can hide the table when not in use. for those who don’t know what are bi-fold doors, they are actually the same mechanism that the new HDB toilets use, which also happen to spoil very easily… the table costs $2k ++. Seow lor… totally redundant cos beebops does not need such tables as all he does is just use the lappie and also he will never ever close the bifold doors.. haha…

The designer also suggested an L-shaped wardrobe which i hate cos there is wastage of space for most L-shaped wardrobe. Hmmm it sounds as though it’s like gonna be my room also right? But, nah, i’m just more concerned about the practicality of things cos afterall i am a very pratical person when it comes to furnishing.. the designer absolutely did not do any furniture needs analysis on beebops when it comes to recommending the furnishing for his room! *tsk tsk*

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preview of the preview

Here’s a preview of my NDP preview.. haven’t got the time to sort these pictures, 70++ of them and 30++ of singfest…

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Hong Kong Part 2

kick ass hamster!

more pictures from my hongkong trip coming up…

Ok so we went to Repulse Bay to pray for Jo’s love life and to hook Daniel up with PS. But seriously, it was a real waste of time travelling there and the curvy wurvy mountain roads and double decker buses are not really the best combinations for my weak stomach.

Guess who we saw at Repulse Bay?

That’s right! It’s Joe Ma!

Pussy jo and Pussy Me were damn super excited but we don’t have the guts to ask him to take a picture with us… Super regret it lor.. I mean if we were some shameless fans at least we got his picture and he would not recognise us nor see us for the rest of our lifes. So much for having so much pride. Regret regret… *shakes head*

As the next day we were supposed to go to Macau, the guys decide to rub off some luck from Mr. Cai Shen Ye to bless their investments at The Venetian.

So did their tactics work?

Major back firing…

Daniel and Jason lost $200 over 2hours.

Renzhen lost $100 in 5mins.

Why did Stupid Renzhen lose so much in such a short time?
Reason is simple. Mr. Cai Shen Ye is not happy with Stupid Renzhen because Renzhen tried to get fresh with him! (see previous pic)

It was a fun trip, filled with many toe-numbing feeling, smelly Bae Yong Jun, crappy jokes and silly moments in the taxi.

Thank you Renzhen for initiating the trip.

Thank you Daniel for carrying our stuffs in your Deuter bag.

Thank you Jason for leading us around.

Thank you Jo for overfeeding us.

Maybe we’ll go for a driving trip next year.

Thinking about it. I’m actually quite glad that Beebops trusts me enough to let me go on a trip with my friends. I can’t believe that I can travel with my friends while i’m attached. I’m a lucky girl!

Many people may think that beebops is so silly for allowing me to travel with a group of my guy friends. But beebops is special. He knows me well. He knows that i need to have my own space sometimes and i want him to have his own space.

I missed him quite a bit when i was in hk. The weather in hk didn’t help much cos it was a bit cold and many a times i wish that he was by my side arms round my shoulders pulling me closer to him. I guess the only consolation for me then is that at least i have someone to come back to, to hug and to hold, when i’m back in singapore.

Sometimes being in a relationship for more than 2 years i worry about being emotionally over-reliant on the other party. I fear the feeling of losing myself in others. Sometimes, i wonder what’s the point of thinking so much. Just enjoy ourselves and each other’s company and everything else will come naturally right?

Really hope that beebops will be there for me for the rest of my life as i know i will be there for him for sure.