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Rise @ Marina Bay Sands

Headed over to Marina Bay Sands (MBS) for buffet lunch at Rise Restaurant.

Located on the first floor in an open space just next to the main lobby of MBS, one should not have much problems trying to locate this restuarant.

The buffet has a good variety of desserts, sashimi, cold cuts, salads, cheese, bread, seafood, smoked meat.

The cooked food section also had a variety of Chinese, Indian, Italian & Western dishes.


The selection is really good in my opinion but the salmon sashimi is not as fresh as I would have expected though the other sashimi were alright.

This is the first buffet that I have been to that has the largest variety of cold cuts and smoked meat. There was Smoked Tuna, salmon and yellowfin & cold cuts like salami, parma ham and some other cuts of duck and beef which I don’t know their names.


Coffee or tea is included in the buffet. They serve TWG tea at the restaurant but they do not have the full range of selections, just the more basic choices like Earl Grey, Chamomile & English Breakfast.


This is one half of the salad station.





Tea with Mango Sorbet


Tower 1, Hotel Atrium
Marina Bay Sands Hotel
10 Bayfront Ave, S(018956)
(+65) 6688 5525
Mon – Sun: 6am – 10.30pm

Lunch at $48++

It is a little steep but taking into consideration the huge variety and the quality of food, it is worth the visit. I will usually stay clear from the cooked food section as the taste of the food is largely disappointing, however after my brother told me how nice the diced beef was, I decided to give it a try along with the other food in the section. And I kept going back! Surprisingly the food are all cooked with the proper flavours and textures.

However for $68++ for dinner, I wouldn’t be able to comment if it is still worth the visit.


My outfit for the day.

Cardigan: Thailand, Dress: ASOS, Flats: Melissa Shoes, Bag: Longchamp




Of Furry Prancing Lions

I have always like watching Lion Dance performances since I was a little girl. I love the sounds of the clangs and the beats of the Chinese drum to drive up the atmosphere for joyous occasions.

Traditionally, Lion Dances have been used by Chinese to bring in good luck and fortune and to ward of any evil spirits.

There are generally two types of Lion Dance, categorised as the Northern (shaggy, orange and yellow ones, looks like Barkley from Sesame Street in my opinion. ;p ) and Southern Styles (furry trimmed ones). The ones we see more commonly in Singapore are the Southern Styles.

Northern Lion
 photo credit:

“Barkey from Sesame Street” 
photo credit: Muppet Wiki

Personally I like the Southern Style Lion Dance better as they look more adorable.

During this Chinese New Year, my parents requested for a Lion Dance to be performed in our home.
There is a set of items that should be prepared for the Lion Dance to perform the “Cai Qing” 采青 to hang the lettuce “生菜” from the ceiling to allow the Lion to grab the lettuce and the Ang Bao dangling from a string. However due to space constraints and the potential of knocking things of their positions, the lion dance troupe just requested us to place everything onto a tray. The Ang Bao contains the fees for the Lion Dance.


Isn’t the Mandarin colour of this Lion perfect for the festive celebrations?

The Lion Dance started with the Lion peering animatedly into our home and then entering through the doors with lots of zest.




The lion approached the plate of lettuce & orange in a cautious yet curious manner, sniffing the plate a bit and then backing off before moving towards the plate again. And finally it settles over the plate as though claiming property of the plate.

Pretend to sleep.

What they did to the plate of mandarin oranges and fa cai! The word “Fa”, is so nicely arranged! And beneath the lettuce, we secret numbers! And they explained us to that it is up to us how we want to lift up the lettuce to unveil the numbers below it but we had to remember the sequence of the numbers if we wanted to buy 4D!

Here is the numbers unveilded! I dont remember the sequence in which my mum opened them as she did not do it in an orderly manner!!

There was a Lion Dance at our office too! This time it was Red!



With these Lion Dances, hope that my year will be filled with good luck and fortune!!

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Chinese New Year 2010


Today is the last day of the Chinese New Year!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Chinese New Year! Gathering with friends and family. Munching on goodies. Gambling from tables to floors.(actually I never gambled this new year) And the numerous Yu Sheng for prosperity, progression and everything good!

This new year has been filled with good food and great company for me. Couldn’t ask more anything better. My room is neater and I hope it can stay in this state for as long as possible!!


On the first day of the new year, we will all gather at my uncle’s place where my granny would prepare a feast for all of us in a sit down dinner. The picture below shows the tables for the older generation aka my uncles and aunties. I was seated at another table with all the younger generation people, who are my cousins.

At the younger generation table!

Here is my granny the superb cook who prepared everything herself for all of us. There were 30 of us and i reckon she must have spent the whole day preparing!

We were all sweaty and sticky as the air con in the house was not working, hence the oily face look we all had! Nonetheless, it was fabulous catching up and seeing all my cousins getting more mature just reminds me of how old I actually am!

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i know this is way past due but i feel that i should still post it up as it was a rather interesting and eye opening trip for me and wanted to share it with anyone who might be remotely interested to know.

I was in China at the end of May to visit my brother who managed to score an internship at my cousin’s company. The company was located in Suzhou Industrial Park and my cousin’s accommodation was, needless to say, within the humongous industrial park.

The Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) was “born” in 1994 and when we in the SIP there was celebrations over the weekend commemorating 15yrs since the birth of the SIP, however we did not manage to catch the very extravagant fireworks as we would be in shanghai over the weekend.

Oh yeah talking about fireworks, in Singapore, it is on special occasions like National Day, Chinese New Year, NYE etc where we would be blinded with 10-15mins of fireworks. But in SIP, there is fireworks EVERY NIGHT! It’s crazy!

The SIP was developed with many references to the township development like that of Singapore, it was a collaboration between SG and China afterall. So without much surprise the layout of the whole town was very neat and orderly, just like Singapore!




This was the apartments that we stayed in. My cousin was not in town at the time when we were there so the whole apartment was basically like our own house, just like a 4 room flat with balcony.
From the balcony, we could see the Jin Ji Hu (金鸡湖) and the huge ferris wheel right in the edge of Suzhou Amusement park.

The Suzhou Amusement Park苏州摩天轮乐园 opened on May 21st, 2009, and the ticket is RMB 80.00 for each.

The total area of the theme park is 3.7 hectares and the 120m-high Ferris wheel is the tallest in the country. It takes about 20 minutes for the observation wheel to make one revolution.

There are many other amusement facilities around the park area, including colorful merry-go-round and swings for a small group of seven to eight visitors at one time. According to the facility manager, they’ve also got a 28-seat 4D cinema with surround stereo sound system and six-direction rotating seats. The roller coaster with a track in the shape of a butterfly gives the riders the most exciting experience of flying in the air.

Seriously I didn’t like the feel of the SIP. It was too local for me other than the fact the weather is something that is comfy air con temp air.

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when u finally pull your reins and step off your carriage, u begin to realise how things around your daily path has changed.

daddy was commenting over dinner how pebbles is no longer his usual self. He does not strut over in the usual manner when we call out to him .
He does not trudge more than 10 steps without loosing footing on our marble flooring.

my throat turned dry, my heart sinking.

i hate myself.

I hate myself for not noticing all this little signs of ageing to my favouritest dog.

When i stepped into the house, he walked up to me in feeble small steps but i could see all that excitement in him from his stubby wagging tail.
Time flies, cliche as it is, pebbles has been with us for almost a decade. I bent down to hug him only to feel more pain within myself when his torso was no longer that lean and sturdy one which i remembered. I could feel his muscle twitching involuntarily, attempting to keep still and stable, just for me to hug him.

I looked at him straight into his cloudy eyes, and told him i’m sorry. But all he did was to gaze right back at me with so much love, affection and kindness. His love has truly been unconditional. I’m ashamed.

Friends for life, Pebbles.

Signing off with teary eyes,

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NDP preview photos

So grateful to my brother who managed to get me tickets for NDP preview.

Been three years since me and beebops went to the parade. And it’s my first time going to the Marina Floating platform. So i was hyped up and i went to paint my nails!

We decided to take a train to City Hall instead of drive cos we reckon that traffic would be such a pain in the ass as a normal day it is already so bad more over when it’s the parade weekend.

Our NDP get up!

Security is really tight where they will scan bags in the xray machine which are used at the airports…. but luckily they did not confiscate my water bottle….

clear roads means bad traffic in surrounding areas…

throngs of people everywhere….

weather was extremely hot and humid with the sun shining mercilessly…

Straight ahead into the blue sector.

picture frenzy while waiting for the parade to start!

Blinking lights design on the cap

Race boats making the design of 08 on the water.

Due to time constraints and a very slow and lousy computer, that was the photos that i could edit over the weekend.

Didn’t really manage to do much nor rest as much as thought i could cos in the end i was out with beebops and mother bops to see the interior designer for his renovation of his home and room. I love designing rooms and looking around for furnishing! but that is if i dont have to fork out a single cent and just offer advices.

the interior designer suggested unnecessary furnishing like a very elaborate study table with bi-fold doors so that i can hide the table when not in use. for those who don’t know what are bi-fold doors, they are actually the same mechanism that the new HDB toilets use, which also happen to spoil very easily… the table costs $2k ++. Seow lor… totally redundant cos beebops does not need such tables as all he does is just use the lappie and also he will never ever close the bifold doors.. haha…

The designer also suggested an L-shaped wardrobe which i hate cos there is wastage of space for most L-shaped wardrobe. Hmmm it sounds as though it’s like gonna be my room also right? But, nah, i’m just more concerned about the practicality of things cos afterall i am a very pratical person when it comes to furnishing.. the designer absolutely did not do any furniture needs analysis on beebops when it comes to recommending the furnishing for his room! *tsk tsk*

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Year of the Rat

Food posting again!
Was at my granny’s place on the first day of Lunar New Year and she prepared a sumptious spread for all of us!

Cereal Prawns

Mixed Mushrooms and Dried Mussels

Cold Dish
Spinach Abalone

Spicy Chicken

Peas from the same pod

My Fav Cousin
Bro and Mommy

Chinese New Year seems to be losing it’s charm. Used to look forward to it when i was young cos of all the fuzzy feeling when i hang out with my cousins and relatives. Now i still enjoy hanging out with my cousins but the relatives part is less appealing when they start questioning me when i would get married.

Well i guess i don’t blame my uncle whom i’m not particularly close to nor on very good talking terms with as that is probably the only thing he can try to chat me up with now that i’m neither studying nor single.

Had dinner with the a couple of days after valentine’s day and the same uncle asked me how we celebrated out vday. Just told him about our extraordinarily normal dinner. No fancy flowers. No cringing sweet chocolates. Just two furry chipmunks as my present.

Then he made the most roll eyes comment : ” Wah how come never buy diamond ring?”

Hng! As though he bought it for his wife when he was dating… I don’t think he even bought her anything for vday lor… grrrrr…

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