To catch Tower Heist

Finally the weekend.

My weekday ended on a bad note, leading me to spend the weekend in a rather moody fashion. I guess the only colours I could muster to wear were dark somber ones. My bag and heels brighten things up just a little with it’s matt metallic sheen. But still I am feeling bothered.


Top: Local Blogshop, Shorts: Giordano, Heels: Mondo, Bag: Longchamp

On a lighter note, I caught Tower Heist, a crime comedy, starring Ben Stiller, Eddie Murphy and Casey Affleck. As with any Ben Stiller show, you can expect the show to be filled with laughter. The story line was simple with a slight twist but the show however did not leave a lasting impression as I couldn’t recall any scene that I enjoyed the most. Funny it was, and that was about it.

Of late I have been adoring the looks of heels with sweet girly socks made popular by bloggers like Mayo Wo, Kani & Prisca.

So when I saw these cute socks,  I couldn’t resist getting them.


I do hope that I would be able to pull off the look without looking like I tried too hard to look cute. 😀


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