Back from Pasta Land

After a two weeks vacation in , I am back on our shores and it is so tough having to settle down!

Luckily for me this weekend I still get to curl up in a hotel with crisp white sateen cotton sheets.

While I was away, the only forms of exercise I got was from lifting my huge heavy luggage up the narrow stairways of our accommodation or from the hours of walking in the city. I did however get a two hours cycling session in city of Florence.

After checking into the hotel, I am here at the gym working the ricotta cheese, lasagna and risotto off!


I have tons of things I want to post and want to share about my travels but my computer hasn’t been very efficient in help it as it keeps trying to shut down the editing software that I am using when I try to save my pics.. Hopefully I get that sorted out soon enough!

In the month to come I will be very busy with renovations and hopefully it will be completed without much hiccups. *cross fingers*

Alrighty I will head to the steam room and hot pool now before I wash up for dinner! πŸ™‚


I promise to update again soon for my dear friends and readers of Everestsays.

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