Desaru – Crocodile Farm


One of the things that you can do in Desaru is to visit the crocodile farm, known as Crocodile World or Taman Buaya in Malay.

As we arrived at Desaru hours before we could check into our room, we headed to Crocodile World first.

Heading to Crocodile World was a breeze with the roads peppered intermittently with signboard like the one below to direct you to Crocodile World, aka Taman Buaya.



When I was trying to read up about Crocodile World, I came across many sites which mentions that there are more than a thousand crocodiles in the farm. This sign at the entrance “affirms” this.


We arrived at the entrance to Crocodile World and was greeted by many huge and heavy crocodile skulls.

Crocodile World was established in the 1970s and spans across 8 hectare of land in Teluk Sengat and houses more than a thousand crocodile in the compound.

There are a couple of crocodiles that are more than a decade old and the oldest of them all is 135years old, toothless crocodile, which we saw in our walk around the Crocodile World.


We took some pictures with the baby crocodile at the entrance, and I must say that they are quite nice to the touch as their scales are already very hard but in contrast the bellies of these baby crocodiles are cool and soft to the touch.




The entrance fee into Crocodile World is RM8 (~S$3.40) for adult and RM4 (~S$1.20) for child.

We entered Crocodile World with another group of 6 and the staff passed a wooden pole to one of the guys in the group and told him to use the pole to prod the crocodiles in their enclosures.  This prodding basically causes the crocs to react rather aggressively to this intrusion and you can witness first hand the loud powerful snapping of their jaws and the strength of their swishing tails when they are in water.



Lying very still in its enclosure is the 135year old toothless crocodile.


And this has got to be one of the fattest crocodiles that I have seen!





Though the compound of Crocodile World is 8 hectares big, only a section of the farm was accessibly to the public.

With its affordable entrance fee, it is a good way to kill some time with those jaw snapping action while waiting for time to pass before you check into your hotel room.

If walking around Crocodile World worked up a bit of appetite for you and want to have a taste of those crocs, at  Sengat Seafood, which is also owned by Crocodile World.



Lots 1289 & 1290,

Jalan Sembilan, Kampung Belading Teluk Sengat,

81940 Kota Tinggi, Johor, Malaysia

Opening Hours: Daily 9am – 6pm

Entrance Fee:  Adults – RM8, Child – RM4


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