Desaru / Kota Tinggi – How to get there

Located slightly more than an hour away from the causeway, Desaru and Kota Tinggi is a popular location for many day trips to Malaysia.

It is also a popular location for couples who want a natural and vast open space as backdrop for their wedding photos.

One weekend, Beebops and I decided to explore Desaru and spend the weekend there.
For easier visualisation, I have marked out the rough location of Desaru and Kota Tinggi.

We set off at about 8am but as it was the school holidays, we were stuck in a jam on the causeway for close to an hour.

I always love starting my trip with a hearty and delicious nice breakfast at MacDonald’s and we stopped by at a McD along the way in Malaysia.

So is it an A&W or a McD for you??


After our filling breakfast, we took a very slow leisure drive to Kota Tinggi as the journey wasn’t going to be long and we still had a lot of time before we could check into our hotel.

Heading to Kota Tinggi is actually very easy as there are numerous signage like the ones below to lead you there. The rule of the thumb is when there is no signage just proceed ahead straight or look for the highway with the same number, in this case Highway <3>



In close to 1hr30mins, we arrived at Kota Tinggi town with too much time to spare before we can get our room!

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