Weekend Brunch – Cafe Epicurious @ Rail Mall

I love getting up a little earlier on some weekends just to be able to grab some brunch in some quiet, serene place with yummy food. Many of the places that serve brunch tends to get very crowded on weekend and you might even have to queue up to wait for a table at more popular cafes. Queuing up for a table for brunch is definitely the last thing that I would want to do on a  Saturday morning.

That is why Epicurious @ Rail Mall is one of my favourite places to have a peaceful yet very delicious weekend brunch. Cafe Epicurious is by the same management as Epicurious @ the Quayside, but probably due to its location, draws lesser crowd than the branch at Quayside.

With seating options of both indoors and outdoors, I chose to sit indoors as it was nearing noon and it was an extremely sunny and humid day.




Caffeine fix for me the caffeine addict! Cuppucino (~$5)


Actually, this is the second time I had my breakfast at Epicurious. But unfortunately the first time, I did not bring my camera along with me.

Having tried the Eggs Benedict ,~$12, on my first visit, the Hollandaise sauce was a little lacking in taste and a little too creamy for my liking. But it wasn’t horrible, maybe just not something that sweeps you off your feet.

They serve their breakfast on these plastic cockerel plates adding a little Chinoise twist to this western meal. I placed my orders for something different this time, the Ratatouille Omelette, $12. Filled with tomatoes, onions and mushrooms,  its tangy taste complemented the taste and texture of the smooth fluffy egg.   The few pieces of potatoes look really unappetizing but it was surprisingly very tasty.



Beebops ordered the Baked Eggs with Toast Soldiers ,$12 for 2, and I sneaked a few bites of his baked eggs and it was yummy with the mixture of flavours in that little bowl. I apologize for the less than desirable picture of the baked eggs but I must stress that it is absolutely a MUST order for cheese lovers when you head to Cafe Epicurious.


Can’t wait to return to Epicurious to try other brunch items on their menu. 🙂

What I wore to Epicurious


Frills Front Singlet: Bangkok

Lace skirt with pockets: Forever21

Black Wedges: Coach

Bag: Balenciaga


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Epicurious Singapore
392 Upper Bukit Timah Road
The Rail Mall
Tel: +65 6894 5926

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