Dinner at Shunjuu

Met up with my friends at Robertson Quay for dinner. We didn’t quite know what we wanted to eat and while waiting for Jon to join us, we walked around to survey the restaurants and came across a very authentic smelling and looking sumiyaki restaurant. Sumiyaki is the method of cooking the food that was skewered onto bamboo sticks and charcoal grilled.

And the numerous awards displayed at its entrance lured us to try it out.

It was a really cool night after a heavy down pour and all the seats outside, which has a view of the waterfront, are taken up and had to settle for indoor seats. Be prepared to smell “smoked” when you sit indoors.



We ordered quite some dishes for sharing and each of us had our own mini mains.


Shan’s yummy garlic fried rice which I kept picking from. : p



My sesame laden cold udon which is extremely fragrant and addictive to slurp up.


All the dishes that we ordered are extremely nice with the exception of the gyoza, aka pot stickers, which tasted rather normal. The pricing for the dinner was rather decent. Not too expensive, neither is it cheap. Fairly priced, I guess for the quality of the food and its taste.

#01-15, 30 Robertson Quay S(238251)
Tel: 6887 3577

Hopped onto Jon’s car after dinner to head to Prive for some drinks and we fooled around in the back seat with his safety wear.

Those clear goggles reminded me of Science Lab in school where we had to put them on whenever we have to heat up some solution in a test tube with the Bunsen burner! Though I think these are way cooler with the yellow strip on the top frame. haha.



We had an extremely bad service experience at Prive. The staff spoke to us in a very sarcastic, impatient tone when he was taking our orders and even made some caustic remarks which were totally uncalled for. To rub salt to wound, he had to provide a totally different standard of service to our neighbouring table who coincidentally or not are Caucasians. Seriously!?



Anyway, here’s what i wore.


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