Walking a Golden Retriever

My favourite breed of dog since young has been a Golden Retriever.

The thick shiny honey brown coat, the big squishy paws, the endearing gaze and the calm yet friendly personality of the Golden Retrievers makes me so drawn towards this breed.

KMK was “Dog Sitting” a Goldie, named Theodore, but had to be away for a couple of days and in turn “subcontracted” his Dog Sitting to us, which I eagerly agreed to!

I have never walked a dog bigger than a Schnauzer or Wire Fox Terrier and KMK’s instructions to us about walking Theodore made me both excited and a little apprehensive at the same time. According to him, Theodore is a very strong “tugger”. Well I am definitely no stranger to “tuggers” as Moony, my mischevious Wire Fox Terrier, is one strong tugger except that by virtue of this size, I am still able to control him and his tuggings. But a Goldie tugging sounds plausible that my arm may detach from my shoulders or something.

We were tasked to walk him for 2 days. On the first day when I was there, he immediately galloped in my direction and with all his might pounce up at me and his paws were on my chest and his face was right in front of mine! I had a rude shock as I was totally unprepared for such an enthusiastic welcome. I took some time to get use to his strength and also to become comfortable with such a huge mouth and tongue right in my face.

Walking him was not as bad, thankfully he didn’t come across anything like a cat or bird that he wanted to give chase to. All he did was create a strong tension on the leash.

In the end, I went home with paw printed shirt and a couple of scratches on my leg. No pictures taken on as I was still reeling from the shock of the “in your face” attitude.

I was well prepared to see Theodore the second day! I was dressed very sloppily and my hair is tied into a bun so that there will not be any flyaways that can stick on my face and block my view while I was trying to escape the wet slobbery tongue!

Beebops prepared the food for Theodore and I stood there apprehensively waiting for him to finish his food.


After a bit of warming up and getting used to AGAIN, things got better and Theodore was more calm but still pouncy. So we hung around a while since it was pouring outside and we couldn’t walk him.

Combing of his thick fur coat made me realise that dogs actually shed so much! Lucky for me both Pebbles and Moony do no shed at such magnitude.



It was really an enjoyable experience walking such a big friendly dog. Hopefully I will be able to own one and provide enough space for him to run and play.


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