First Wedding of the Rabbit Year

The Year of the Tiger has never been the choice of couples to get married as traditions has it that a union made in the Tiger year would lead to lots of arguments and conflicts leading to a short lived marriage.
I guess couples will prefer to err on the side of caution when it comes to decisions for the rest of their lives. Probably it is good to get settle down when the stars are all aligned but that is just the baby step in making the marriage work.

With the end of the year of the Tiger, I have received a couple of wedding invitations, some of which I regretably could not it due to other prior arrangements.


I attended my first wedding in the year of the Rabbit within the first 15 days of Chinese New Year! Kelvin and Jas’s wedding was held a couple of days before Valentine’s day.
So happy for Kel as he was extremely happy on his wedding. Looking back at the time when we were working together, he seemed like a changed person. Well in a good way. It is rath er hard to put down in words but we agreed amongst ourselves that he is just very happily in love.

Wishing him and his beautiful wife a blissful and loving marriage!

I didn’t bring my camera that day. Rather I forgot to bring my camera. Switching bags early in the morning while rushing to get out of the house, there are always bound to be chances I will forget something!

Only one picture with Pammie taken with my phone for the time being while I wait for the pics from the others.



Here’s what I wore for the night.

Love the pleated front design of this muted gold dress. 





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