The Master Cleanse – Day 6

I thought that the cleanse would be easier on a weekend since I didnt have much planned this weekend.

So no gatherings means no distractions, means no increased desire to eat.

However after so many days of not eating solids, I was yearning to bite on something. Something beyond the taste of a sweet-sourish-spicy drink. Don’t get me wrong the Lemonade drink is really very pleasant to drink but I guess I miss the feeling of chewing, the feeling of crispy food and something extremely flavourful.

I spent close to the whole day with Beebops and I was just watching him eat his food and imagining the taste of it! Not the most ideal of ways I guess as it would just lead to increased cravings and increased desire to break the whole diet. I should carry a magazine or book out to keep my mind off the food next time! Oh but I had a mini treat when Beebops was having dinner, i ordered Peppermint tea which coincidentally turns out to be Organic Peppermint tea. 😉

The day was spent rather relaxed, walking around a bit and catching a movie.



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