The Master Cleanse – Day 4

I must say that having a cup of herbal tea before bedtime is very relaxing and really soothes the nerves and prepares the mind for the resting later on.

I woke up feeling refreshed and not as much lethargy as before I went on a detox. My usual bed time is ~1am and I did not change that even during the detox. I guess I should at least make the efforts to sleep earlier since the body should need more rest so that it can concentrate on cleaning me up and healing itself.

It is amazing how I managed to get past 4 whole days with no so solid food. The new year goodies are already starting to fill up the office and seeing my favourite pineapple tarts a couple of times a day does not really help in my cravings. But maybe it is just how my brain has been conditioned all these years to reach out for a container of pineapple tarts when I see it.

Lunch times now are spent in a very relaxed mode. We no longer need to decide where to eat, what to eat, is it packed and the list goes on. Now thinking about it makes me feel stressed! We just head out of the office with our bottles of water and walk around! But no matter where we go, we will always end up with bottles of distilled water at the end of lunch time!

Remember in my first post about this diet that I mentioned that I will be going for a 7 days detox instead of the usually 10 days? I am beginning to think that 7 days is not enough! It may be a little too short for the body to cleanse properly and might cause me to have to redo it but at 10 days no less. Knowing that this cleanse didn’t leave me with withdrawal-like symptoms and I could concentrate perfectly at work, I was really motivated to complete the full 10 days. Jenn told me that she weighed herself and she was 2kg lighter! *claps claps* I wouldn’t be able to update on my weight as I do not have a weighing machine at home and I can only weigh myself in the gym. See with all these motivations around me, how can I not be tempted to go for another 3 days?

Today after work, I went for a very slow run with my colleagues and felt alright after the whole run.

Ending my day 4 update now and good night everyone!



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