The Master Cleanse – Day 3

Today is day 3 of the cleanse!

Yeah! Still no side effects from the cleanse, apart from some running nose, which is a norm for my sinus condition.
This diet really made me realize how much of a hassle it is when one has to work and be on this diet. You have to constantly replenish the distilled water supplies, stock up on lemons in the office, make fresh lemon juices in the pantry. But all this is made less mundane when you have a colleague who is going through the same diet with you, sharing our daily experiences, encouraging and motivating each other. It definitely help make this much easier. I wonder if i would have made it till Day 3 if not for the “peer pressure”.

Although I did not have any side effects, I had a rather strong craving for chocolates. Maybe because I have a bar of Snickers at my work station and I was staring at it and having an internal mental battle. I am proud to say I did not succumb to the cravings! I am not too sure whether I have lost any weight from the beginning (53.7kg) till now.

Today I did not wake up to an achy stomach but instead when I was in the midst of getting ready for work, I was experiencing an onset of a stomach cramp, which eventually led me to the washroom in the next 10mins. I felt that it was completed and left for work, little did I expect that I would be on the train and my stomach was doing somersaults thankfully I had a seat halfway into the journey. I endured the pain till my stop and dashed to the nearest toilet once I got off the train. It was a narrow escape. Hope tomorrow would bring me less surprises! ^_^” The salt water flush is definitely more effective today.

I read that after the 3rd day, there will be reduced cravings and the body will start to learn to heal itself, aka the real detox.

Let’s see how tomorrow.

Good night!



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