The Master Cleanse – Day 2

It’s me again with my herbal tea.

Today is the second day of the cleanse and thankfully I have not suffered from any side effects like nausea, headaches which has been associated with many of such detox diet. I read that frequent smokers and drinkers may experience a strong side effect partly due to the cut off of these activities during the cleanse duration and partly due to the detoxing actually taking place.

The herbal tea has a more apparent effect on me today. I was woken up by a rumble in my tummy 30mins before my usual alarm but I was just too sleepy to get out of bed to answer to my tummy’s call and I went back to sleep. When I finally woke up, I went to the washroom very quickly. The salt water flush slightly later in the day did make me go to the toilet more often, causing some slight rumbles but nothing very excruciating and nor uncontrollable, unlike how some people’s body reacted.

I didn’t have much trouble throughout the whole day except for a slight craving for bak kwa (honey bbq pork slices) from looking at some emails. Other than that I was just happily sipping my lemonade throughout the day. I had a cup of sugar cane juice during lunch, not to worry, I did not break the whole master cleanse with this sugar cane. In fact, should you have no access to the Grade B Maple Syrup, you can substitute it with either sugar cane juice or cane sugar.
Having sugar cane is a rather refreshing as it is a nice change from the tangy lemonade taste that has been lingering in my mouth.

I was feeling energetic and in good spirits throughout the whole day. I went for my dance class as normal, enjoyed myself and did not feel hungry nor faint. I did feel a bit giddy though but I reckon it stemmed from the countless cross body turns in that one and a half hours. Day 2 is definitely better than day 1. Possibly I am getting used to the routine.

Finished my tea and will be sleeping soon.

Good night!



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