The Master Cleanse – Day 1

Hello! Here I am sitting in front of my computer blogging with my cuppa hot herbal tea again.

The first day of the cleanse has passed rather quickly and easily with hardly hunger pangs. The recommended servings of the lemonade is 6-12 servings. I consumed 8 servings of the lemonade in total today. I drank the lemonade rather consistently throughout the whole day so that I could prevent any onset of the feeling of hunger. This is the first diet that I have ever tried and it feels easier than thought… But maybe I am speaking too early in this cleanse.

I went to the gym to do some really quick and light weights before cycling moderately at low resistance.

My weight is usually 54.5kg and when I stood on the weighing machine at the gym today, it was 53.7kg. The 0.8kg is likely due to an empty gut and loss of fluids.

I am feeling a little sleepy now and think I shall hit the sacks after this cup of tea.
I will update in greater details about the first day of the cleanse, hopefully tomorrow.

Good night!



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