Empress Hotel Sepang

When we had the invitation to catch AFOS in a day trip up to Sepang and back, I felt tired just at the thought of it!

We excepted the invite but decided to travel up the day before, on Saturday, so that it would be less of a rush and we had time to head to KL for some yummy food and shopping.

A can of coffee to perk me up on the drive up. So that I can in turn perk the driver up!


As we had to reach Sepang rather early the next morning, we decided to stay in Sepang town instead of staying in the heart of KL as the travel out from KL will take roughly 45mins, provided there are no jams. We spend that 45mins sleeping than travelling, we booked a room at Empress Hotel.

Empress Hotel
Address: Jalan ST 1c/7, 43900 Sepang, Malaysia
Click on the link to see it’s location: View Larger Map


In Sepang, there aren’t many hotels to choose from and this looked the most decent of the whole lot. To me the most important thing is cleanliness and this Hotel was decent in this sense. I have stayed at worse kept hotels in KL itself and this is way above that in terms of cleanliness. The bright and fuss free lobby also gives a very spacious and relax environment. The staffs in the hotel are also very friendly and helpful despite their limited knowledge of english.


Simple and clean room for the night. Not to mention at a very affordable rate of about RM100/night.


Breakfast for 2 came together with the hotel stay. The spread was fairly decent and was enough to fill our tummies nicely for our journey to the tracks. We saw a group of Ferrari supports clad in their Ferrari tshirts in the cafe, definitely heading to the AFOS too!




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