Asian Festival Of Speed – AFOS

The Asian Festival of Speed, AFOS in short, is a motortsport event featuring 5 power-packed series of races namely, GT3, GT4, Porsche Carrera Cup Asia, Formula BMW and Asian Touring Car series. The Season of AFOS sees teams traveling to and racing in 23 countries vying for the top spot at the end of the season.

When the AFOS was nearer home, Wearnes Automotive extended their invitation to Renault, Jaguar and Bentley owners for a drive up north to be a part of the event. Food and beverages where provided for the whole day in the air condition suite at the tracks.

Made our way to the track to meet the rest of the convoy who were driving up only on the Sunday of the event itself.

We reached the entrance before the convoy and had to wait around a bit as we didn’t have the passes to enter the paddock.

Finally when they arrived, they started arranging the cars for a mini photoshoot.

We were handed our passes for entry to the suite and the paddocks.

And given a short briefing/speech by one of the organiser of the day’s events and highlights.

And our free flow and always replenishing food to fill our hungry stomachs.

It was a good day for a race. Clear skies and dry roads…. But in my terms, scorching hot sun, high humidity, lots of glare and sunburn!

We watched a couple of races in the comfort of the suite or on the balcony of the suite before venturing around the place to catch more of the action.

The cars in the background were being lined up for the opening of one of the races.

Spotted a fin carrying the Singapore Flag but i didnt get to see the driver.

Two Bentley were driven up by Wearnes’ staff and they gave us an amazing ride, swerving and drifting around the tracks. I did video the entire ride but I reckon it will give anyone who viewed the video a terrible headache as i was thrown around in the back seat despite being strapped into my seat!

A couple of flashy lambos with the lucky number “8”. Definitely Chinese drivers!

Race Cars will always be accessorised with hot babes…..

We were there till late afternoon before scooting back home.

On our way back, against the backdrop of the setting sun, we saw this huge rainbow… And it left a smile on my sun-burned face. 🙂

Don’t you enjoy the sight of rainbows too?

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