Swordfish Collars

When Fish and Co is mentioned, many a times we think of Fish & Chips or Seafood Platter as the more popular and frequently ordered main course.

But have you tried their Swordfish collar?

It is not always available and even when it is available, they have very limited quantity of serving each day. There  were a couple of times when we tried ordering the Swordfish collar to be told by the staff that it has been sold out for the day.

So we decided to head to a less crowded Fish and Co outlet to satisfy our tastebuds for the Swordfish collar.



My inital assumption was that the swordfish collar was very difficult to eat, extremely boney and has very little meat.  But after seeing beebops ordering and eating it, I just had to order it the next time I dined at Fish & Co. It was nothing like I had imagined.

You see, each serving had 2 huge pieces of fried Swordfish collar with a crispy battered exterior but a juicy, succulent flesh. Served with a choice of butter rice or chips, sauteed mushroom and tangy mango dip. Despite the deep fried exterior, there flesh around the collar still retains its juiciness and not a tad bit dry! Yummy!

I chose Chips and Beebops chose butter rice for the choice of carbo.



The trio dips and condiments of your choice! I dont take much of the garlic in fear of a horrible breath but I love the other two dips.

Clam Chowder !

Satisfied after the delicious meal, here is my outfit for the day.



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