Brunch @ Riders Cafe

Breakfast on weekends are such simple luxuries, if I do wake up in time for breakfast that is.

It is the only time I can take my time to take sips of my coffee and enjoy the slight bitter taste linger in my mouth as opposed to the hurried gulps I take in between checking my emails, replying and preparing for my morning meetings on a weekday.

One Saturday morning, Beebops and myself decided to visit Riders Cafe upon the recommendation from his friends. A couple of turns away from busy Sixth Avenue Road, we arrived at Bukit Timah Saddle Club. Riders Cafe forms part of the Clubhouse, with a closed section at one end of the cafe just for members.


We arrived at around 1030am, walked into an almost full cafe and had to wait about 30mins for a table. The wait was well-worthed as we managed to get a table in the balcony, overlooking the lush green fields and the horses’ stable.


The friend staff got us seated and very quickly returned with a tunbler of iced water and the menu.Photobucket

I didn’t need much time to decide what to eat as my love for eggs has already determined my breakfast choice and of course my usual caffeine dose!

 Eggs Benedict & Cappuccino for me….



Hot Chocolate and Pancakes for him.


I had to keep my sunnies on for the whole time I was having my breaky as the sun was way too glaring from the balcony. I must also add that it can get quite warm sitting there in such bright and sunny weather and there are no fans on the balcony. There will also be intermittent whiffs of horses scent  due to the proximity of the stables but I wasn’t very bothered with it as it pleasantly reminded me of my farm stay in Australia. I did hear a neighbouring table complaining about the smell to the staff and asking for a change of seat so I guess it is all pretty subjective.


After our breaky, we took a walk around the compound to soak up the sun and the lovely greens. The small grass opening next to the cafe were offering short rides on the ponies for kids and it was great looking at the faces of the kids wearing their own helmets looking so eager and ready to mount the horses, with lots of elevation help from the staffs and their parents of course. 🙂

I love the openness and uncommercialised feel of the location of the Saddle Club. So colonial, simple and so much greens. So not Singapore, and I love it.


Hot and sticky after a walk around the compound, here is what I wore for the day.Photobucket

I would definitely return with reservations made the next time!

Venue: Riders Cafe

Address: 51 Fairways Drive S(286965), Bukit Timah Saddle Club

Tel: 6466 9819
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