Up size my dinner @ Empire State

Beebops and myself were catching a movie at the relatively new cinema at Illuma. With not much time for our dinner before the movie, we decided to grab a bite in the building itself.
We popped in to Empire state for dinner. The place gave me a feeling very similar to that of New York New York with the similar type of decor and the selection of food that they served. Not too sure if they are from the same management.

While waiting for our food, we were goofing around a bit trying to mimic the poses of the gorilla mascot of the restaurant.



After a short wait, our food arrived.

Actually the pictures here do not give you a real perspective of the size of the burger although you can pretty much deduce that there is a massive pile of fries surrounding the burger.

But look! The burger is the size of my face!! No no it’s bigger that my face!



The beef patty was pretty tasty coupled with generous amount of melting cheese… Yummyz but hello tummy….. This burger’s serving is more than enough to fill four stomachs, at least for four ladies…



Feeling a slight rumble in my tummy now thanks to the pics… 😉

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