19 years of partying

Known as “Party” in a French creole, Zouk has been living up to it’s name of being a party for the past 19 years.

Talking about Zouk brings along memory of Mambo Jambo and the unison of hand movements on the dance floor. Till today, there are still hordes waiting to gain entry to Zouk on Wednesday nights.

For a club so popular through close to two decades of partying, you can expect the queues to be snaking on the night of its birthday celebration even though there was heavy drizzles.

In the queue with nothing to do, we keep ourselves busy with pictures!


That was the first time I went for drinks with the girls. But i only took a few sips cos i was feeling under the weather since a couple of days ago.


The phototaking booth had a snaking queue but no queue is too long for Singaporeans eh?

As we were allowed to take only one set of pictures at each turn, we queued up again for another set of pictures. But luckily the queue was much shorter.

Here’s what i wore that night without my jacket….


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