All The Chatter about Chicken Rice

A staple in almost every food centre or Kopitiam, the Hainanese Chicken Rice is a prominent part of the local food culture.
The common answer when celebrities from the Asia Pacific are asked about their favourite dish in Singapore is Hainanese Chicken Rice.

Of cos their form of the Chicken Rice are not the regular $2.50 ones from the food centre we frequent.

I have heard raves of how tender the breast meat is, how the soy sauce complements the flavours of the chicken and how fragrant the rice is. Still it was not enough to make me whip out two red notes and a little more for one serving of the set.

However armed with a credit card promotion, I decided that with a 50% discount it’s got to be our chance to experience this dish.


The set consisted of a bowl of fragrant chicken rice, a bowl of oily soup and two layers of tender chicken breasts.


Since there is quite a bit of the chicken meat to go with the rice, you could as for a top-up of the chicken rice at no additional cost. I didn’t do that as I am not a “rice person” to start with.

My favourite sauce to go with chicken rice would be the blended ginger sauce. However not many chicken rice stall has that as an option possible due to the hassle of preparation. But they have it here at ChatterBox. The ginger goes very well with the chicken as it covers some of the gammy meat taste that some chicken will have.

ChatterBox provides a better presentation, better environment and chances of sighting some famous celebrity (we saw Dick Lee when we were there) for the dining experience. It’s worth the experience but I’m happy to head back to where the chicken rice originated from to have my chicken rice fix at one-tenth the price. 🙂

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