Sogo Sogo Sogo

That’s 3 Sogo departmental stores in close proximity; no more than a 500m radius from one another.
And you thought only the Japanese were capable of such expressions of consumerism.

Coming out of exit 4 of the Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT station leads us directly into the Sogo Zhongxiao branch. This is apparently the first of the 3 Sogos, and has 12 huge levels of everything Japanese, from supermarket to cosmetics, to clothing and toys, books and electronics. You name it, they have it.

Exita 2 and 12 leads out to Sogo Fuxing branch and Sogo Dunhua branch respectively. These two have different retail focus; the Fuxing branch sells the more “high-end” stuff, and there are several counters and stores for the really expensive branded items, while the Dunhua branch is relatively low-rised with only 5 levels of shopping.





Anna Sui bags not available in Singapore.



Afternoon Tea, already very popular in Japan, is said to be gaining popularity here in Taipei too. This outlet was only selling set meals. After having a rather heavy breakfast, we were looking more for a nice and simple a la carte cup of tea or coffee. We therefore did not find it sensible to sit through a full set meal.


Small shops/boutiques around Sogo.


On the way back to our hotel, we took a little stroll in the vicinity and came across this motorcycle repair shop that has a rack of helmets displayed outside the shop front.



On my buddy’s last trip to Taiwan, he came back with a cute “Bad Batz Maru” helmet for me. Upon asking the salesperson in the shop, I had confirmation about what my buddy said about Taiwan having these cheap helmets for sale.

Although we already had fancy and somewhat expensive full-face helmets back home, we thought it appropriate and necessary to get a pair of cheap and simple helmets for our trip to Phuket in August, where we would be riding motorbikes to island-hop and do not want to constantly worry about losing something more expensive.


Yup, another trip coming right up. Different location and cultures to experience, but one thing is common with this Taipei trip: we have already booked our tickets and we will be flying Jetstar again!


Nearest Metro Station: Zhongxiao Fuxing / Zhongxiao Dunhua

Our Takeaway:
With three Sogo Shopping Centres and countless small boutiques in and around…
Plan a full day here and leave the guys at the E7 Club to keep them occupied.

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