Shopping – Ximending

Ximending needs little introduction.


Dubbed as the Harajuku of Taiwan, Ximending is the ultra-consumerist heart of Taipei’s mainstream youth culture. The eight-branched intersection dates from the Japanese era and is now chock-full of shops selling fashion, fast food, sneakers, sungalsses, scarves, Sanrio, Sony and spaghetti. If it’s young and trendy, you will find it here.




Not only is Ximending filled with retail spaces, you will be able to find numerous cafes, tea houses, restaurants and fast food eateries to take a breather from the retail therapy before continuing on your shopping spree.

Spotted this sweet goldie shaved bare except for the area around the paws and its head ready to brave the humid summer in the months ahead.


And guess what? He’s actually the mascot for this eatery!


In one of the cross streets of Ximending, we came across a shop front that seems to scream for attention, being set against the hip and happening surroundings. This shop is famous for it’s braised meat. It’s popular amongst the locals and tourists alike. Tourist come here mostly for the local snacks like the “iron egg” and pineapple tarts. Observe the locals though and you will see them picking up all manner of braised chicken or duck parts, which they nibble on while walking around Ximending. If you have a strong liking for duck tongues or chicken innards, you would call this place heaven.


For the full Ximending experience, don’t forget to explore the smaller alleys. It’s here that you will find the edgier side of Taiwan’s youth culture, the places they hang out and the stores in which they work and shop.

Nearest Metro Station: Ximen

Our takeaway:
For the young and the young at heart…
Come on a weekend to possibly run into some artistes having an autograph session in the middle of Ximending!

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