Shida Road Night Market

This night market got it’s name due to its proximity to the National Taiwan Normal University, 國立臺灣師範大學, 師大 (Shida) in short.

Shida Road Night Market is popular amongst the University’s students and tourist alike.

Among all the night markets that I have been to, I like Shida Road Night Market.

Walking through the street, you will be able to see the creative display of clothes and accessories.
Many of the shops here are set up by budding designers and only limited pieces of each item are available.
And best of all, the prices are catered to the student crowd.



The Taiwanese are big on accessorising and you will not encounter any problems coming across a hair accessories shop or hat shop when you walk are out shopping.

I like purchasing caps, hats and anything that covers my skull cos it’s not only functional for the climate in singapore, it’s also good to hide the odd shape of my skull or for those lazy days where I want to go out without properly detangling my curly hair. Luckily, my team mate seems to share the passion of buying head gears and he ended up getting a checked news boy cap and for myself, a Nautical Style hat, at a discount of 60NT! Wheee… Talk about economies of scale!

Wearily after the flight and shopping, we headed to the food section to fill our rumbling tummies.

A staple in every night market is the bubble tea stall, we refueled our water tanks before grabbing our food.

We came across this stall that sells deep fried food, 甜不辣. Not exactly sure what this is called in English but the Chinese pronunciation does sound very close to the Japanese deep fried food, Tempura.


Business was very brisk at this stall with huge orders from many of their customers but despite the massive crowd and orders, the stall owners are very polite and will give you their friendly smiles when you collect your orders.
The signboard proudly indicates that they have been in business since 25years ago, that is since the 1980s! Looking at the font of the number “2” being slightly different from the number “5”, I reckon they must have been updating the second number on a yearly basis since 5 years back.

Come 11.30pm the stalls started wrapping up, we were a little disappointed that our shopping had to end there and then. As we were making our way back to the station, round the corner we say brightly lit Watsons that showed no signs of closing.
Simply because it’s open 24/7!


Makeup, skincare all night all day long! There are many other 24hr Watsons speckled around the city. The skincare and makeup in Watsons Taiwan (in Chinese 屈臣氏, Qu Chen Shi) is definitely more extensive than the ones available in Singapore. Brands like Tiffa, Luvshaca, Freshnel and Haba Labo are available in Taiwan and cheaper than in Japan sometimes. Prices for Majolica Marjoca items are cheaper there as compared to Singapore or Japan. Come to think of it, skin care or cosmetics are actually overpriced expensive in Singapore. Even Malaysia sells them cheaper!

Address: Lane 39, Shida Rd., Da-an Dist., Taipei
Nearest Metro Station: Taipower Building 台電大樓站

Our takeaway: 
Come here to soak up the youthful vibes, stretch your dollar for great bargains and grab unique pieces that no one else will have. Do look out for the “Mad Hatter” with his huge assortment of caps and hats!

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