Jian Hong Beef Noodles

Did you know?
The Beef Noodle Festival and contest take place once a year in Taipei, creating a cultural specificity in Taipei.

Unlike Bubble tea, Mee Suah and Oh-Ah Jian, Beef Noodles has not been synonymous with the food culture and history of Taiwan. Even with the annual beef noodles festival, it is still in the shadows of the other more famous food.

The search for a 24 hour eatery in Taipei led me to this traditional beef noodles stall.


The generous serving of handmade noodles came without much garnishing except for spring onions.


Every table had bowls of butter chilli oil (orangey substance in bowl below), raw garlic, dried chilli powder and salted veggies for patrons to flavour the soup to their likings.



I wanted to savour the original taste of the soup before spicing up my soup and I ended up just drinking the soup, spoon after spoon. The soup was so flavourful that I didn’t want to mask its original taste with the spices and all.


Priced at NT70 a bowl, it was brimming with beef slices, yards of noodles and piping hot soup.
Refill of soup will be happily given to you by the stall owner who seemed very happy that their soup is very well-liked.

Besides the beef noodles, side dishes like pickled cucumber, cold chicken feet, tau gua, pig’s ears and kelp were available at just NT20 each!


Just a couple of streets away from Ximending, I would definitely return there for another serving of this tasty soup that is free from artificial flavourings.

Address: Luo Yang Street 45-6 洛阳街
Nearest Metro: Ximending

Our takeaway:
Singapore has fans of Bak Kut Teh.
Taipei has a strong cult following for her Beef noodles.

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