All good things must come to an end

Everybody had gotten so much done in Taipei and had so many experiences, that it was little surprise that everybody assembled in the Hotel 8 Zone lounge with sombre expressions.
Or was it just tired faces after hectic exploration itineraries?

Everyone was punctual and ready to be picked up for the airport. Everyone except the bus driver.
Apparently, there was bad traffic conditions and he could not make it to the hotel in time. The Hotel 8 Zone staff was quick to take the initiative to call 10 taxis for us. Yes. That’s 1 big taxi for each team of 2.

Imagine the sight of a row of 10 yellow taxis all lined up along the main road outside the hotel!

The drive to the airport was particularly scenic. Green hillsides and valleys could be seen in the distance. Large industrial structures also made their appearance; we even saw gigantic wind turbines peppered all over a large area of open land.

At Taoyuan Airport, we couldn’t resist but take a couple more star jump shots of ourselves.


Took a quick bite at Burger King before the flight home.

I was particularly impressed with Jetstar on this return trip. You see, we were kept waiting at the holding area for an extra 20 minutes due to the ground crew still having to work on the plane. However, the Jetstar flight crew managed to get us touched down on Singapore soil 15 minutes ahead of the scheduled arrival time.

Cheers to the flight crew!

On the 4 and a half hour flight back, we made closer acquaintance and shared our trip experiences with Team 2 sitting just the row behind us, Joshua and Angus. They are extremely cool guys and we found out that all 4 of us had more than a few intertwined facets in our lives.

So here’s a combined effort of both teams signing off in Changi Airport Terminal 1, saying a big starry THANK YOU to Jetstar!


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