Hotel 8 Zone

 For the trip to Taipei, besides winning the airfare, we also won ourselves two night stay at a very beautiful hotel. On our way to the hotel, the hotel’s manager, Cliff,  gave us an insight on the building and designing of this hotel. The first thought that came to mind when I saw the Hotel 8 Zone’s webpage that this is a concept/ boutique hotel. But Cliff explained that Hotel 8 Zone was designed with the lounge concept in mind to relax the mind and the soul of their guests, hence Hotel 8 Zone is a Lounge Hotel.

Soon enough we understood the idea of the Lounge Hotel once we stepped in.

The reception below looks nothing like the hotel reception we were all used to. And it certainly looked every inch like a bar counter to order your favourite chilled beer or cocktails, which is, by the way, available for free for guests once a day!

Before we even reached our hotel room, we were thoroughly impressed and intrigued visually of the design in the hotel common areas.



The simple use of illumination to create such a refreshing display of the room numbers.

Stepping into the room heightened our excitement further when we saw how gorgeous the room was. The clever play of lights, colours and reflections created a fusion of classy, funky and practicality all in this cozy little space.






The Jacuzzi is a great way to relax after a long day of shopping and sightseeing in the sweltering heat. And waste no time when you are soaking in the bubbly waters as you can catch the news or any other channels that you can possibly imaging as there is a wall mounted flat screen tv at the foot of the jacuzzi! How lounge is that!!


The toilet, as you can see is open concept but not to worry, the thoughtful interior designer did not forget the practical part while designing the toilet as there is a curtain which one can draw when you are in the showers.



The aesthetics of this room aside, this room has something which every traveller would be thankful to have.
How many times do you have to keep reminding and checking that you have to pack in your travel plug cos you just have so many electronic gadgets with you that need charging?

Well if you are staying in this hotel, you no longer have to worry about flat batteries on your hp and camera when you forget your travel plug.

Isn’t this a god-send? Why didn’t the bigger chain of hotels think of this?


I love this room and can stay in here for the whole day if I had the luxury of time. We managed  to check out another team’s room and theirs had an even bigger and more impressive bath area. It all makes it almost a sin to merely take a quick shower in this lounge hotel!

Seriously words and pictures cannot express the experience on the senses when you are there in person to absorb the beauty and ambiance that Hotel 8 Zone has created.

P.S.: On our departure day to the airport, our chartered bus was delayed and did not arrive at our hotel. Read more about how our hotel dealt with this in the most perfect of ways in our final blog post.

Address: Hotel 8 Zone, No.8, Sec. 1, Jinshan S. Rd., Jhongjheng District, Taipei City 100, Taiwan
Nearest Metro Station: ZhongXiao Xinsheng 忠孝新生站

Our takeaway:
Everything about Hotel 8 Zone exceeds that of luxurious 5-star hotels. 
Everything except the price.

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