Weekend Project – The Making of Our 3min Video

You know how the Chinese saying goes; 台上一分钟, 台下十年工。Loosely translated would be “One minute stage work requires 10 years of preparation work.”

This is pretty much how it felt when we tried making a 3-min video for the Jetstar Jetsaver Light Challenge.
The preparation of the video started at about 11am on a Saturday Morning and by 12 midnight we were only just done recording the various portions of the video, minus any video editing.

Here is just one of the many mini videos that were combined to form the 3 minute video.


For this challenge, 10 selected pairs would get to enjoy a trip to Taipei, with flight and accomodation  paid courtesy of Jetstar. Jetsaver Light Challengers are expected to travel light (read: max 10kg hand-carry luggage) so that they do not have to pay for the luggage check-in surcharge, S$30. This savings would be later used during our trip in Taipei to accomplish some tasks and follow some planned activities.

This would really pose as a great challenge to me as I have never been known as a light traveller. Even my trips across the borders for the weekends were religiously packed with my of skin care, hair care and body care products. Another problem I would face is the limitations in the liquids that we are allowed to bring on the plane in our hand luggage. But that’s for me to worry at a later stage…

We made the video to allow the JetStar judging panel to understand our team better: Who are we? What do we like best about Jetstar? What do we want to do most in Taipei? Why should Jetstar choose to fly us to Taipei?

As with all shows, there must be a lead actor and a lead actress and we had to begin our audition for main leads as we reckoned I would be a giggling reck in front of the camera trying to answer those questions.

Here are the shortlisted candidates:

Candidates Team 1. In the picture below: (Left) Lil_Piggie and Mr Policeman

Candidates Team 2. Bulbous Heads

The result was unanimous!

Candidates Team 2 was selected based on their ease of handling, as Candidates Team 1 is about the height of a Thumb, and considering that the unconventional looks of Candidates Team 1 would not be to everyone’s fancy.

The crafty work started at about 11am after breakfast.



Each item on the set was slowly put together and mounted on securely to what you can see below.



After 2 full nights of snipping, sticking and video editing on a prehistoric computer, here is the final product for your viewing pleasure!


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