Universal Studios Singapore – Sci-Fi, Ancient Egypt, The Lost World

As of now, this map of Universal Studios Singapore is probably the image that has the highest occurrence. Well this is pretty much how it would be when you want to move around an unfamiliar place. Always look at the map and get your way around. After Madagascar, we skipped New York to go to Sci-Fi City.


The area that houses the most anticipated and talked about ride of USS, Battlestar Galatica.

This attraction is made up of two sections, the Human & Cylon. The Human, on the red tracks, is the conventional roller coaster in which the riders is seated down with their feets on the ground, whereas the Cylon is a suspended roller coaster.


Personally, I am not someone who is extremely enthusiastic about rides that make my heart drop, my muscles  tense and my tears to flow. I wouldn’t be so extreme to say “I’ll rather die then get on the ride” but my inertia level is definitely quite high. I had to mentally convince myself to get onto the ride to at least say that I have been through it to be able to share or comment on it. 

We went for the Human ride simply becos it sounded more sane and manageable than the Cylon. It was certainly a false sense of security. When I was seated in snug bucket seat with the harness only on the lower half of the body I was a nerve wreck. The picture below is a very deceiving picture of me looking really excited when in fact I was trembling inside and experiencing cold feet and fingers. I shall not elaborate anymore on the ride as I think it really spoils the fun of this ride.
I do have one thing to say though, the Human is a MUST-RIDE!


Exhilarated after the Human ride, I decided that my heart, throat and lungs needed a break before going onto the Cylon for another round thrill. So we moved to Ancient Egypt first.

In Ancient Egypt, there were two main attractions: The Revenge of the Mummy and Treasure Hunters. Treasure Hunters is a leisure ride in a vintage car around an abandoned excavation site. Photobucket


As we were more interested in something more thrilling, we went for The Revenge of the Mummy. The Revenge of the Mummy takes the rider into the depth of the mummy’s tomb. My opinion is this ride is more mentally stressing throughout the whole ride as compared to the Human as this ride has alot more unexpected manouveurs and the lack of clear vision of your path multiplies the thrill factor for me.
This grainy image was taken in the queue line for The Revenge of the Mummy.

For those who know me personally would know very well that I do have quite a high chance of getting motion sickness and this includes taking amusement rides. Usually this problem can be reduced or curbed by the consumption of motion sickness pill and it can usually be found in my handy pouch that I bring everywhere I go. However this time round I finished the pills without replenishing the stocks hence I was not able to escape the effects of rides and it’s motion. My head was spinning with heavy pounds on my head by the time I finished the Revenge of the Mummy.
My final ride was Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure at the Lost World. We had wanted to take this ride earlier when we were in the vicinity for the WaterWorld show, but they were closed temporarily for some maintainence work, we were told. So here we are.

As the name suggests, it is a Rapids Adventure so expect to float around in circular rafts like the one below and travel along the way through Jurassic Park. Be warned though cos there is a chance you will get DRENCHED if you are seated on the wrong side.

Beebops is completely drenched after this ride, but I must say it’s a bit tough to see it in the picture here as there doesn’t seem to be any contrast on his attire.

Will complete the rest of USS in the next post!

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