Weekend Project – DecoPod

It all originated from decoration of the handphone with jewels and gems and everything thing else nice and pretty. And the japanese gave it a name, DecoDen, short for decoration of the Den-Wa (handphone in japanese).
Having returned from Japan not too long ago and inspired by everything bling and pretty, I decided to bling up my iPod nano!

So instead of DecoDen, in my context, it was more relevant to be called DecoPod, decoration of the iPod.

The naked Pod.

With some trials of the design and the size of the crystals. I ended up using a smaller size for the letter E.

The materials used.

I drew out the letter E as a guide for me where to stick the gems as i didn’t want it to be out of shape if i stuck on the crystals with a free hand.

For the sticking of the crystals to the pod, I used epoxy with drying time of 90mins. This gives me more than enough time to shift and adjust the crystals before they are fixed. I made three rows of blobs of the two adhesive and mixed them together only when I was going to use them. They start to set/ dry up only after you have mixed them together.

First, I applied the whole of the back of the iPod with the epoxy mixture and stuck on the crystals according to the guide. I started with the letter E first as it required accurate placement of the crystals.

Then after that I started on the trimmings around the letter E, followed by the last and easiest step which is to cover the whole area with crystals.


Completed the back of the iPod, but i didnt take a picture of it.

I shall go get more crystals before I start on the front of this iPod!

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