Of Butterflies and Anxieties…

I cant believe it! *hops around in excitement*

We are finally in March! When I booked my tickets in the last week of December last year, I was still thinking that the trip is so far away. Three months away…. and now it’s barely Three Weeks away!

Seriously I dont understand why but I am extremely excited about this trip. Possibly cos this is the first far away trip with Beebops. Possibly cos this is the first time I plan my own trip. Possibly cos I am going to do a homestay there. Possibly cos I am going to see the Cherry Blossoms there. Possibly cos I want to get away from the sweltering heat. Possibly cos I need dig out my thicker jackets that have been sitting at the back of my wardrobe waiting for this day to come. Ahhhh… I don’t know! I just am excited about it!

Initially we planned this trip early in the month of March, but when Beebops told Mr KMK about this trip, he suggested we go with him at a later date to be in time to view the cherry blossoms. I wasn’t too keen on the cherry blossoms as they don’t appeal to me as much as a field of lavenders or tulips but since it’s something so unique and iconic to Japan, like how Mt Fuji is to Tokyo, I didn’t resist the change of dates.

With this idea of watching cherry blossoms on our itinerary, I have been watching the forecast of the bloom of cherry blossoms in Tokyo rather closely. It’s like watching the stock market! Ok I exaggerated. But you get the drift about my excitement when I first saw that the first bloom can be seen in the late second last week of march and were going to be there in the last week of March. Which means that by the last week of March, almost all the flowers would have bloomed, hopefully, *cross fingers*
This map conveniently tells the forecast dates and the date of bloom last year.

And just over the weekend, I checked to see if there were any updates about the full bloom of the cherry blossoms and here’s what i got!


Whooowheet! I will still be there for the full bloom!
Sure hope that the Japanese are good with their forecast as I now have great expectations of seeing a sea of pink in the park!

This definitely adds to my anxiety!!!

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