Chinese New Year 2010


Today is the last day of the Chinese New Year!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Chinese New Year! Gathering with friends and family. Munching on goodies. Gambling from tables to floors.(actually I never gambled this new year) And the numerous Yu Sheng for prosperity, progression and everything good!

This new year has been filled with good food and great company for me. Couldn’t ask more anything better. My room is neater and I hope it can stay in this state for as long as possible!!


On the first day of the new year, we will all gather at my uncle’s place where my granny would prepare a feast for all of us in a sit down dinner. The picture below shows the tables for the older generation aka my uncles and aunties. I was seated at another table with all the younger generation people, who are my cousins.

At the younger generation table!

Here is my granny the superb cook who prepared everything herself for all of us. There were 30 of us and i reckon she must have spent the whole day preparing!

We were all sweaty and sticky as the air con in the house was not working, hence the oily face look we all had! Nonetheless, it was fabulous catching up and seeing all my cousins getting more mature just reminds me of how old I actually am!

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