Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year has got to be the most important occasion for any Chinese on their calendars. Whether you follow every single tradition passed down from our elders or simply just enjoy the opportunity to gather with family and friends to share the joys of the festive season.

The decoration along the main roads in Chinatown are always decorated with items related to Spring, 春。This year’s lightings are pretty simple, but it sure looked much better than the controversial table clothes draped on the drying line 2 years ago.

The bazaar in Chinatown is one of the ways I get in the mood for Chinese New Year. The blaring of Chinese New Year songs, though it hurts the ear just that bit, really puts me in a joyous mood.

The bazaar was filled with goodies! From bak kwa (barbeque pork) to pineapple tarts to waxed meat.




The whole street was painted in red, literally. To us Chinese, Red symbolises good luck. However the origin of the liberal use of red during Chinese New Year dates back eons agao where the use of red during chinese new year was to ward of the fierce & evil mythical beast Nian. That is because Nian was rumoured to be afraid of the colour Red. The use of firecrackers is also used to scare off the beast with its deafening crackling.


Saw these cute chopsticks with surnames written on it.

Signing off with this picture… I wish we hade more of such buildings with intricate and classic designs.

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