Young Sprouts

The streets of the Orchard has been through alot of changes in the last 2years and we are starting to see all the new buildings taking shape and opening its door to eager avid shoppers.

Ion being the biggest and most iconic of the lot, followed by Orchard Central and 313@Somerset.

But does this necessarily makes Singapore a shopping haven?

The shops in the malls are largely the same… MNG, Zara, CottonOn, G2000, Levi’s, NUM, oh well you get the drift eh?

At least Orchard Central has a slightly different variety moving away from the anchor tenants that is everywhere. But how effective these shops are in bringing in the crowd in the long run, only time can tell.

One thing i must say is that for Orchard Central the layout is not really shopper friendly with alot of nooks and crannies and not alot of shops can be seen in a glance of the eye.

The shopping experience aside, I like the areas in OC where you can appreciate and enjoy the bustling of the Orchard Shopping belt without being in the chaos.

Like this escalator that makes you feel like you are being transported up towards a spaceship…

My attire for the night

The escalator leads to the sky garden. Just greenery and a restricted view of the street below as the walls are very high, for safety purposes of course.

Here’s a clearer picture of what i wore without the bluish tint….

Went back to OC last night to have a cuppa latte at Spinelli’s Balcony that overhangs the street below.
Watching the heavy traffic from the couch, enjoying the cool breeze with my warm latte in my palms… Shiok!

Pardon the makeupless face..


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