MotoGP Part II

Race Day!

Had breakfast at the hotel and it was a disappointment cos there was no made to order omelette, only those already cooked and with no choice of ingredients.

Beebops and I rushed to Chinatown to get my metal studs and back before heading out to Sepang.

It was a stark contrast to the day before!!

We were experiencing the stampede before we even near the tracks.



When we reached the Sepang, there was no parking at the main area and we were diverted somewhere about 15mins walk away from the race track. It was a sunny and humid day though dark clouds were looming in the near distance.

I was all prepared to brave the hot weather in my sun hat!

Spotted some familiar logo from afar and i ran towards it in excitement!

Why do they have such groups trips organised for them? They cant even drive to Malaysia leh. Not fair not fair….

See what i mean. The place was packed to its brim! The two picture are of the same carpark. The left is on Race Day and the right was on Saturday, which was the day I bought my tickets in my previous post MotoGP Part I.

Remember the looming clouds i mentioned earlier on? Well i secretly hoped that it would rain making the race more exciting as it would be more prone to mistakes by the driver. And I got what I wished for, but little did i know that rain would cause the race to be delayed for 30mins! Luckily I was armed with my VIVI magazine to keep me occupied.

Indeed the race caused one rider to skid off the tracks, luckily unscathed.

Stoner seemed to have some kind of luck in Sepang cos this is the second time he has finished 1st in Sepang. But all the limelight went to Rossi, as he was crowned the champion for this whole season despite only finishing 4th.

Zipping off with a shot at the gates.

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