Bye Bye Beebops….

Don’t worry it’s nothing drastic….

Went to see him off at the airport today but it was a very hasty farewell as we were basically rushing from one place to the other for the whole evening…
So rushed that he finished his dinner in a couple of mouthful of rice.
So rushed that i didn’t take a picture with him!
Here’s what I wore to the airport & the clip that kept my hair up.

I have been sharing on facebook that pebbles is not feeling well recently and it worries me.
Everytime I look at him, I would wonder to myself if he feels happy to still be around us. He seems to have lost his energy and his cheerful self. He looks glum and listless the whole day. The fact that he is unable to walk now has definitely caused a lot of inconvenience for himself. He cant walk around without us holding up his hind legs, he can’t even go to his favourite place to watch the world go by. I know it’s not going to be easy for him and us. But whatever it is, I will not abandon him around unless he feels it’s too tiring to continue.

Oh ya… I am in the midst of changing my blog’s skin so there are still some parts that are incomplete so pleasae pardon it for the time being.. 

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