Sinking in the back seat

I must say that I have been going into JB much too often these days that I am getting sick of it!
But now I know where to get the cheapest sofa, sinks, lights, taps….. you name it… I sound almost domesticated saying all these. And I know who I can drag along when I need an opinion for such household stuff when I need it in future!
The previous time when I went into JB we were on a mission to get a sofa for beano’s place. And now with that settled, they are looking for toilet acessories, sinks and other toilet/washing related stuff whatever you call them…

As beebops and myself are still not so into such stuffs yet, we strolled through the neighbourhood to look for something to do or something interesting to look at. And the place of solace, Old Town Coffee again, not that I mind!

Tried something new… a combination of both my favourite things. Half boiled eyes and toast bread… Introducing the “Omega”..



Glad to have found Old Town from out of no where…


The boot was filled with the bathroom/sink stuffs and the Kitchen SInk couldn’t fit into the boot and it was on beano’s and lump’s lap the whole time back. It was a feat for them to wiggle in and out of the back seat when we went for dinner and to Tebrau City… Luckily we didn’t get stopped at the customs else it would have looked rather hilarious looking at the both of them climb out from the back seat from behind the sink!

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