So Far for Sofa

I have been going into JB way too often these days. As we are on a mission to seek and hunt down the best bargains available for beano & lump’s new nest.

Furnishing in Malaysia is about half the price of that in Singapore and i guess it’s definitely worth the effort to travel across the causeway to save that couple of thousand dollars as every cent counts for almost every newly wed couple. 

We had to fill our tummies up with delicious food before we go on our hunting trip and lunch was at Ah Koong Fishball Noodles.


They have a yong tau foo set that costs about RM6 but beebops opted additional oysters in his soup and it was RM10. For RM4 the serving of oysters were very generous and most important the oysters were fresh and very succulent! *yummy*

My favourite dish there is the deep fried fish cake. Urmm the two pieces you see here are the remnants from the two palm size pieces of fishcakes. I devoured it continuously until i realised i havent taken a picture of it.

Beano scoured the web for some furniture distributors in Malaysia. We went to about a lot of shops and showrooms. Some were too expensive by malaysia’s standards, some were poorly made and some were just not our cup of tea.

Our last stop was at Miva Furniture Design

And me and beebops were stuck there for 4-5hours. We were almost useless there not doing anything and not being able to give any opinions as we have not seen their new place. And seriously furniture shopping is not fun!


They finally purchased a sofa set from Miva. Beano said that it’s half the price of what she can get in singapore including all the delivery charges, custom charge and gst. amazing! But nonetheless beebops and i were bushed from the whole trip as we only left the showroom at 1030 and we haven’t taken our dinner!


Took this in one of the showrooms with vibrant orange padded wall! 
And the necklace that i was wearing is my first handmade jewellery!


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