A day across the causeway

TT stepped out of the house for the first time!



I dozed off in the car cozying up with TT when we were stuck in a jam.

Pardon the dishevel look as I just got up from my nap in the car. ;p


And what better way to perk my senses up with the aromatic scents of Kopi Gao.



I like getting my coffee fix from the Old Town Coffee in Malaysia. Somehow it tastes slightly different from the version that we have in singapore.
The coffee is probably sweeter and stronger there for the same Kopi Gao. But it’s definitely cheaper in Msia.
It’s almost a must go location for us now whenever we visit malaysia.

Taking decades to decide on Lunch


Watched Ugly Truth at City Square and after some shopping it was time for dinner! As the both of us were not that hungry, we decided to skip our usual seafood haunt and tried something else.
Being Singaporeans, we stopped at a stall that had tables spilling out of its shopfront onto the streets.

They served fish ball noodles but a more souped up version with more ingredients like prawns oysters and even a slice of abalone! The soup tasted extremely tasty from the many seafood that was cooked in it. At RM8 a bowl, it’s a little pricey for Malaysia’s standards but at least it’s worth it!


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