Flea-ing in the Void Deck

My parents were trying to get me to sell my mountain of clothes through the net or some flea markets. And when they saw a poster in the neighbourhood informing residents that there will be a flea market just under my block, the urging me to get a stall. I agreed to it reluctantly, as it was quite a hassle to me, but nonetheless i went to the Resident Committee Centre to register.

Surprise surprise! When i was there they say that it’s fully booked and response was overwhelming!
I must say i was rather relieved. At least i can say that i tried… But my parents did not give up lor!
They even asked me to gate crash the flea market! Of cos i ignored them on such absurb suggestions.

Fast forward 2 weeks later to 26 July 2009…..

At 1030am, my mummy came into my room nudging me to wake up and prepare the clothes as she managed to get a stall for me as someone gave up their stall! seriously i got to give it to my parents for their persistency…

So yah i went to the flea to sell some clothes… not too bad sales i must say 3 jeans, 1 bag, 1 top, 1 belt, 7 dresses. and my daddy’s internet gadgets.

Not bad for something so impromptu eh?
Sell away the clothes, get some money back and make way for more clothes! muahhaha..

  1. #1 by The child whom Jesus loves on August 9, 2009 - 1:07 am

    If getting rid of your clothes really becomes a family affair.. seriously you have way too many clothes!

    OCBC opening branch just downstairs my Tower in Suntec. Ask your boss station you here leh.

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