i know this is way past due but i feel that i should still post it up as it was a rather interesting and eye opening trip for me and wanted to share it with anyone who might be remotely interested to know.

I was in China at the end of May to visit my brother who managed to score an internship at my cousin’s company. The company was located in Suzhou Industrial Park and my cousin’s accommodation was, needless to say, within the humongous industrial park.

The Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) was “born” in 1994 and when we in the SIP there was celebrations over the weekend commemorating 15yrs since the birth of the SIP, however we did not manage to catch the very extravagant fireworks as we would be in shanghai over the weekend.

Oh yeah talking about fireworks, in Singapore, it is on special occasions like National Day, Chinese New Year, NYE etc where we would be blinded with 10-15mins of fireworks. But in SIP, there is fireworks EVERY NIGHT! It’s crazy!

The SIP was developed with many references to the township development like that of Singapore, it was a collaboration between SG and China afterall. So without much surprise the layout of the whole town was very neat and orderly, just like Singapore!




This was the apartments that we stayed in. My cousin was not in town at the time when we were there so the whole apartment was basically like our own house, just like a 4 room flat with balcony.
From the balcony, we could see the Jin Ji Hu (金鸡湖) and the huge ferris wheel right in the edge of Suzhou Amusement park.

The Suzhou Amusement Park苏州摩天轮乐园 opened on May 21st, 2009, and the ticket is RMB 80.00 for each.

The total area of the theme park is 3.7 hectares and the 120m-high Ferris wheel is the tallest in the country. It takes about 20 minutes for the observation wheel to make one revolution.

There are many other amusement facilities around the park area, including colorful merry-go-round and swings for a small group of seven to eight visitors at one time. According to the facility manager, they’ve also got a 28-seat 4D cinema with surround stereo sound system and six-direction rotating seats. The roller coaster with a track in the shape of a butterfly gives the riders the most exciting experience of flying in the air.

Seriously I didn’t like the feel of the SIP. It was too local for me other than the fact the weather is something that is comfy air con temp air.

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