The Sixth Month of the Year

Is it merely coincidental that i am attending two weddings in the month of June?
Or it is true that there is a higher occurrence of weddings in the middle of the year?

The calendar that we are familiar with and internationally accepted is the Gregorian Calendar, named after Pope Gregory XIII who decreed the use of it centuries back. A Gregorian year is divided into 12 months of varying length and the origins of the names of the months came from different significant figures in the roman history.

The sixth month of the year, June, was named after the Roman Goddess Juno, wife of Jupiter. It seems that June has been known to have large number of marriages occurring through the month. Many consider the month of June a favorable time to get hitched, as Juno was the goddess of marriage, thus bringing believe that marriages in the month of June would be blessed with good luck.

I went for one solemnization and one wedding in June and both are beautiful in their own ways.

Vincent & Jamie’s Solemnization


We filled our tummies in the ballroom of the hotel before marching over to the outdoor lawn by the beach for the solemnization.

The lawn was by the beach with an area enclosed by mini white fences, filled with white covered chairs. Very much like those that we see in movies! NICE!

The couple marching in.
Loved the feeling of the wedding, minus the scorching hot sun. Very personal and intimate. 😉

And what i wore that day.

Beano & Lump’s Wedding @ Marina Mandarin


Beano used to work at MM and she held her wedding there cos of this exact reason. So much familiarity and closeness with the people around, helping her and being there for her through the night.

beebops and I were tasked to mark attendance and guard the loots.


I didnt manage to take much pictures of the food or the whole wedding as was helping around here and there and whipping out my camera then did not seem such a good idea at all.

The beautiful bride!

Maybe my friends who got married in June knew of the history behind June weddings. Maybe it was just the right time for them. Whatever it is, I enjoyed myself at both weddings and share their joy of their union and wish them eternal happiness.

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