when u finally pull your reins and step off your carriage, u begin to realise how things around your daily path has changed.

daddy was commenting over dinner how pebbles is no longer his usual self. He does not strut over in the usual manner when we call out to him .
He does not trudge more than 10 steps without loosing footing on our marble flooring.

my throat turned dry, my heart sinking.

i hate myself.

I hate myself for not noticing all this little signs of ageing to my favouritest dog.

When i stepped into the house, he walked up to me in feeble small steps but i could see all that excitement in him from his stubby wagging tail.
Time flies, cliche as it is, pebbles has been with us for almost a decade. I bent down to hug him only to feel more pain within myself when his torso was no longer that lean and sturdy one which i remembered. I could feel his muscle twitching involuntarily, attempting to keep still and stable, just for me to hug him.

I looked at him straight into his cloudy eyes, and told him i’m sorry. But all he did was to gaze right back at me with so much love, affection and kindness. His love has truly been unconditional. I’m ashamed.

Friends for life, Pebbles.

Signing off with teary eyes,

  1. #1 by button's up closet on May 30, 2009 - 11:12 pm

    hey…. what happened to our dog… anything serious anot? i must at least be able to see him again lehs.. this sorta entry is rather scary…

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