Wallet Friendly Dinner

while huffing & puffing on the cross trainer at the gym, beebops came running to me asking me to remember the address 41a Owen Road.

He was watching the tv while lifting his weights and then decided that that shall be our dinner location.


As you can see from the huge signage, there are only three dishes that this stall sells.

We reached there at about 9plus and we saw about 5 – 6 tables of people who are still waiting for their food.

After about a 20mins wait, our food finally came.

The fried rice


The fried rice had crispy and lightly salted silver fish sprinkled on the top of it. Something that my mummy would do when she cooks fried rice at home.

The oyster omelette is a MUST order!


Unlike the oyster omelettes in the conventional oyster omelette stalls, this oyster omelette does not have have alot of starch but it’s filled with a generous amount of eggs and oysters. It’s strong, rice taste goes perfectly with the fried rice.

I know i look rather gross without makeup and an oil slicked face. But what do u expect when i just finished 45mins of exercise.

I wanted to try the hor fun but it was sold out when i reached there.
Some other time then.

But i would definitely be going back!

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