today may day

had lunch with my relatives and beebops.

adjoured to vivocity to get the pair of shoes i wanted to buy.

while in the shop, i was trying it and strutting it about.

My conversation goes.

Me: Beebee beebee, is it nice? (excited look)

Beebops: (stares at the feet blankly) Ok lor.

Me: Hmph. Like that is nice or not nice?

Beebops: It’s nice. But make sure it’s not a 30mins shoe.

I so want to strangle him…… but i can understand why too.

Definition of 30mins shoe

A pair of shoes that when worn for more than 30mins creates red and sore skin on the area cover by the shoe. Usually leads to the wearer of the shoe grumbling that she can’t keep up with her beebops, feelings of grouchiness and immediate urge to purchase a pair of flats, slippers or anything comfortable for that matter.

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