i was orange but he was blue..


beebops was not in the best of mood. upset about certain things that were way beyond our control. i know that it was very important to him. i knew he wanted it really dearly. but things don’t always go the way we want it to be no matter how tightly we cross our fingers and toes. no matter how many joss sticks i burn nor how many times we go to the church. we tried but it’s just the way it is.

i was really upset with myself subsequently. i was angry with myself for not being able to cheer him up and let him things about other things. i felt so helpless when i couldn’t find the things to comfort him.

kept quiet. stared at him. hugged him. i felt like crying but i restrained cos i know it would just make him feel worse.

maybe my presence was the best support i could have given him. i dont know…

Whatever it is, we’re just got to learn to pick up from where you stopped. Taking this job as an opportunity to learn more, experience more.

Let it be a shelter that keeps you safe and dry from the ominous bank of dark clouds and once the skies clear, you know it’s time for you to fly…..

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