the runs…

well well seems like of late things don’t seem to be going too smoothly for me…

been down with food poisoning turned stomach flu for the past couple of days.
food and medication just dont have much of an opportunity to stay in my stomach for more than an hour.. but not to worry my case of food poisoning is not remotely related to that of the people who ate at the rojak stall.

Giddy and bloated were my middle name for the past four days.

Now that my stomach is better after so many days of trying to sleep my giddiness and nausea feeling away, i am just left with a bloated stomach. filled with loads of gas where i just keep burping, consolation is that i am only burping and that the gas doesn’t come out some other place….

well it’s back to work tomorrow. back to reality of the numbers, the long hours of calling and staring at the screen.

good night…

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