it’s been a long time since i am back home at this kind of time….. 855pm.

on a normal day, i would still be out in the midst of my dinner.
recently that has been my routine, not that i have much of a choice.
nowadays we are working like in the past. staying back till 8-ish, having dinner 9-ish, reach home 11-ish, bathe at 11-ish and sleep at 1-ish as i need to wait for my hair to dry…

the difference was last time i worked with satisfaction. with enthusiasm.

but the past willl never come back for sure. at least not where i am right now.

for now i am under stress. extreme stress which i haven never felt before but it’s quiet and i can feel it creeping into my blood stream affecting the rest of my body. i keep falling sick. last month i was down with flu and now i have food poisoning cum stomach flu.

to me health is very important and that i would try to make myself recover as fast as possible by resting as much as i can. but now rest is a luxury. extremely luxurious. when i have the time to rest, it flies by. and before i know it the weekend is over. but can i really rest? rest in terms of take my off day to take a break and stay home and sleep my day away, go for facial or a relaxing deep tissue massage?

No i cant. cos it would just add to the stress of having to account for everything. of having to face the music alone. seriously is it worth it?

my usual shoulder ache is slowly progressing to become a upper back and shoulder ache. it’s a sign…

i’m not sure at this point in time if it is just a mindless rant of my life.

all i know is at this point in time, i feel that i had enough of this.

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